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1. Measure 5ml of VRC Restore!

2. Spin the record and pour

3. Smooth the VRC Restore! across the record

4. Allow to dry

5. Use a piece of adhesive tape to lift the film

6. Peel off the dried VRC Restore!

The VRC Method

The VRC Method uses RESTORE! to restore undamaged vinyl records to near perfect fidelity. Use the VRC System Kit which is designed to make application of RESTORE! easy and efficient. The kit also provides a safe, convenient method of drying treated records.

The VRC System Kit, with its ability to support batch processing up to 10 LPs at a time, is the ideal choice for restoring larger collections.

Whether your collection has been in storage for years and is only now about to see the light of day, has been in constant use, consists of only brand new records or is a composite of all ages, the VRC method with the appropriate ESP blend offers the perfect treatment to ensure fidelity and longer life for both records and stylus.

The VRC Method is a contactless process which requires no electricity, premixing or changing of bathing solutions. As there are no motors there is nothing to break down. There are no brushes or pads to replace so there is no harsh scrubbing, as is common with cleaning machines. Each record treatment is discrete guaranteeing a perfect, identical result each time. Workspace required for the VRC Method, two square feet, is equivalent to a standard coffee table.
The VRC Platter

The VRC Platter included in the VRC System Kit is specially designed to facilitate the efficient application of RESTORE! and allows the treatment of both sides of a record in a single session. The platter uses two protective pucks to hold the record firmly in place. The platter is spun and 5ml of RESTORE! poured onto the revolving record surface, the brush then used to disperse the fluid. The pucks also serve to protect the record label from fluid over-application for both 7”and 12” records. The platter also doubles as a convenient work platform for peeling off the dried film.

The VRC Stack Rack

The VRC Stack Rack concept provides for secure, convenient drying of treated records. The full VRC System Kit’s Stack Rack will hold up to 10 treated records (of any size). Importantly, the Stack Rack is easily moved even when fully loaded. A rack requires only a single square foot of bench space and so is easily located out of harm’s way. Drying time is shortened by placing the Stack Rack in a draught or using a fan to move air through the stacked records. Once RESTORE! has dried, each record would be returned to the platter for peeling. Peeling is facilitated using the adhesive tape included in each kit. The album is returned to its cover and a convenient VRCS mini sticker applied to mark it as treated.