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Things One Sees at the Show

From a happy customer:

Dear VRC

It’s been a good day!

 All the yesterday’s coatings removed without issues using the VRC kit items and on playing I was astounded with the results.

 On good condition discs the quietness during & between tracks was eerily excellent. The increased dynamic range was really noticeable, I was immediately WOW!

 I have a Dire Straits LP, Brothers In Arms…..in crap condition and almost unplayable, I feared for my stylus.  Now, whilst not perfect it is remarkably OK to play & enjoy. I have had this since original release and played almost to destruction on less than optimum players.  Also Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP, never liked this on my restored Thorens as a harsh vocal and guitar soundtrack just irritated me but now that’s all gone and I will be playing again………You’ve made this VRC process definitely worth the effort!

 My main interest is Jazz Fusion……WOW. Now I know why vinyl is making a resurgence and what good systems can do. Mine is modest but very pleasing, especially now with VRC. 

[Thorens TD-160 Mk11: Mission 774 LC: AT33E MC: Project Phono S2 w ZERO-ZONE Power Supply; Sansui AU-517 Fully Restored; JBL 4412 Studio Monitors]

 Another 20 discs coated today and I’ll order another 500 ml of RECORD RESTORE! for the next lot.

 Good thing we chatted at the Melbourne HiFi show a year or so ago!!

 Kind Regards,

 Bruce R (Victoria, Australia) Dec 2021


Scourge of the Second Hand Record?

I purchased a box of used Jazz records; many I had never heard so I played them to see which were worth keeping.  On one, the music was great but the sound was terrible: a definite candidate for RECORD RESTORE!

On first treatment with Restore!, I peeled off the dried Restore! film and was stunned to see it come off dark brown.  Never seen anything like it before, and I have treated a couple hundred records, a Restore! film usually being translucent with a pinkish hue. Given the record's age if not its genre, the stain in the Restore! film can only have been nicotine. Anyway, it was now in the Restore! film, not on the record. I took no chances and did a second treatment and was pleased to see the second film peeled off the usual pinkish colour. The playback result was outstanding! The record now sounds like new and is an absolute gem, thanks to RECORD RESTORE!

Jonathan S, Sydney

Sydney DJ calls it a "game changer"

As a DJ specialising in early 90's dance music I am continually buying 2nd hand records online and at record fairs. As you can probably imagine the condition of some the records I pick up can be in extremely bad shape with almost 30 years of dirt and grease from previous DJ's who have thrown them around and simply not taken care of them.  I've had some success cleaning records with a record washing device which probably does a decent job 50% of the time, but for the rest they are in such bad shape they are almost unplayable even after several washes.
I have even found myself throwing some records away believing they are beyond salvaging.
That was until I stumbled upon the Vinyl Record Cleaning System and read about how even the most extreme cases of terrible sounding vinyl could be dramatically improved and brought back to life.
I decided to give it a shot and I'm sooooo glad that I did! 
When the Vinyl Record Cleaning System (VRCS) kit arrived I picked out my 10 worst records which were almost unplayable and got to work (still suspicious that it would actually make any significant difference). After applying the treatment I was astounded to find that 5 of them now played 100% perfect with no crackles or pops, 3 of them played 90% better, and 2 about 70% better. I was amazed and super impressed. Now I can buy 2nd hand records from record fairs with confidence knowing I have my trusty VRCS at home ready to take on the dirtiest vinyl and bring it back to life!
Lee M, DJ in Sydney

Jonathan's Dark Side of the Moon Restored!

I have now Restored! 50 LPs and the results have been fantastic.  Some of these LPs went through a Spin Clean Mk II several times and were still noisy and scratchy.  One application of Restore! and they are sounding near mint (or at least "very good +" - if you know discogs).  Worth investing for more.  It has done a great job and I have plenty more LPs that need it.  It has made a few not so playable gems, which I picked up used, very playable - including my quadraphonic mix of Dark Side of the Moon.  I am grateful for that ! 
Jonathan S; Hornsby

Sean relates his experience

Resides in: Brisbane, Australia.
Like most record collectors I demand the best possible audio available to the format. After using other products to clean my vinyl and endless research looking for the “proper stuff” I found VRC and after having a polite and detailed chat with Steve, I purchased a bottle and applicator brush. 
Prior to cleaning my vinyl I always perform an A/B test. In other words I listen to track 1 to identify pops, cracks and scratches, then clean that side and play it again. Sometimes there is a noticeable difference with spray on cleaners etc, but after using VRC, the results were immediate and pleasing. The vast majority of invading noises are eliminated and the soundstage opens with wonderful spatiality and clarity. I especially enjoy the rebirth of decades old vinyl, hearing notes and strings I never knew existed before. If you adore your records and want to resurrect them from the depths of despair, I recommend you give this wonderful product a spin.

Mac comments on the VRCC Cleaning Service and refurbishing his long treasured collection:

“Firstly, I must tell you that I have no commercial interest, financial or otherwise, in this product. Also, up until 5 weeks ago, I had never met the company’s principal, Stephen, nor indeed anyone associated with him and/or his company.

My story is probably not dissimilar to many other people’s in my age bracket. I started buying LP’s in the late 1960’s (in UK) and continued doing so here through till about the mid/late 70’s. I then transitioned to tapes, and then to CD’s and latterly to streaming and recording in mp3, flac etc.I decided 5 months ago that I would ditch the CD’s but would resurrect the vinyl, which had not been touched for 35+ years!

I bought a new deck and started playing them. The quality of playback was naturally variable. Some were beyond salvage with horrific scratches and gouges which were testament to party nights sadly long forgotten. Most others though were popping and crackling and had “hissing” and had foxing mould or damp spore type marks on them. I spent a lot of time researching products/methods which may “improve” my quality of play-back. Stephen’s VRC System stood out beyond the others to me.

Firstly, just listen to his ‘before’ and ‘after’ clips on his web site. Secondly, his explanations about the pitfalls of some solutions for removing what he calls “slurry” and contaminants etc made very good sense to me.

I took my first batch of 35 records to Stephen around 5 weeks ago. He demonstrated the restoration process and played me some music which, acoustically, was stunning. Four days later I was replaying mine at home. The difference/transformation was (and still is) astounding, wondrous. I am no longer distracted by background sounds and crackles and interference…..I can listen properly to the music. I can enjoy it. I can concentrate on it and appreciate the tones/music/instruments. It is just remarkable.

I chose not to buy the DIY product kit (yes…..I am a slothful man). Instead I have now made four visits to The Blue Mountains and have had about 90 or more LP’s treated. I could not be happier! Stephen (directly and via his web-site) has really educated me about vinyl. I now understand why, when at our first meeting I said “record cleaning”, that he recoiled a bit. His solution is vinyl restoration!

I cannot speak too highly of the product he has developed. It just transforms the medium to a level where every nuance of the original recording/pressing is allowed through.”

David, 71 of Sydney NSW


Maree Talks of Restoring Her 30 yr old collection with RECORD RESTORE!

We have just yesterday finished our first group of 10 albums using RECORD RESTORE! and the results are AMAZING especially given that these albums were all produced in the late 70s have been stored in a plastic crate in a cupboard for 30 yrs and having originally been played in our late teens/early 20s when unfortunately they would not have been paid the due care they deserved we are astounded by the results……..The VRC product is so easy to use and the visual improvements are evident as soon as you peel the product off. Having played them all we are extremely pleased it’s eliminated the popping and static and sound quality is like new……we have probably 1 dud so far which I’ll own up to as mine Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs but it was played to death and the surface shows serious signs of neglect but even it is playable again!

Maree G, Umina, NSW


Peter Uses VRC to rejuvenate an old favourite

You might be interested to learn what happened when I used RECORD RESTORE! a second time on an old favourite, ‘The Great Big Band Hits Of The 40s’ by Brian May and The ABC Showband, as this record had always had snap, crackle and pops that previous methods had not removed. Bear in mind this LP is 40 years old and I’d tried everything to improve it. After allowing Restore! to dry slowly the noise is gone, the depth of field has improved, channel separation has improved and the clarity is stunning. It’s a miracle!!”

Peter F, Adelaide


Ed Kramer Rediscovers His Vinyl

Not surprisingly after so many years in static slumber, all of these unplayed gems – rock, punk, collector-worthy classical and 1980s to early 2000s post-punk alternative music – were DOA utterly unplayable. I’m talking organism-rich eco-systems and evolving species inhabiting grooves. Darwin’s case studies. Densely-spread mould forests immovably adhered, firmly in situ, to rip apart the hardest diamond stylus. Jet-powered ultrasonic machines need not apply… Stuck muck, crud crust.

Enter The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company’s (VRC) System. Not the power-of-the-mind-to move-objects or read thoughts but a possible solution to my filthy mind… oh, sorry, grubby LPs. As I found, VRC is an undeniably effective way of making unplayable vinyl playable again. And as part of a regimented maintenance program, there’s a possible added bonus in terms of an upscale in sonic performance (more on that later). 

What a revelation! These are records that would have torn shreds off any stylus, guaranteed, and would have sounded like snap, crackle and pop via a megawatt P.A. system while sending your tweeters into paralysis. Yet, post-VRC, I had quiet beautiful music with no more artefacts than are normally expected with good surface quality in vinyl playback. Astonishing!

Ed Kramer, Editor, SoundStage Australia


Australian HiFi Magazine, May/June 2019

The Vinyl Record Cleaning System is an Australian development, and a decidedly non-traditional approach. There’s fluid, but no water. You can do a little brushing and working in of the fluid if you like, but that’s not really how to use it. Here’s how it works: you apply an amber fluid—no, not that amber fluid—over the groove area of the album. Then you let it dry. It forms a thin film, thinner I’d hazard, than Glad Wrap.

With the messiest records, the results were huge. Take a movie sound track album I picked up called Exodus. The sample in Graph 1 above is a ten second section from the middle of the title track. There are all manner of loud clicks as this section plays. After a turn through the VRCS, it retained some small clicks (and there were still some big ones elsewhere on the record), but most were eliminated. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the waveform images and play the sound files using the links.

Another was Leonard Bernstein conduct­ing Holst’s, ‘The Planets’. Play the sample shown in Graph 3 and you’ll see that it’s to­tally unlistenable. After a treatment with VCRS it is only about a tenth as unlistenable. Even in the high modulation section at the start, the clicks and noises are powering through in the original. VCRS tames them.

Stephen Dawson, Aust HiFi – review


Rod Easdown tries the VRCS

The VRC is different. Okay, it appears fussy and complex and when you read the instruction booklet it only seems more so, but it turns out that using it is a great deal simpler and quicker than you’d think. In extreme cases, when a record has been spilled upon, dropped in the dirt or bought at a garage sale from someone who beat it up, one application should get rid of everything.

Fairfax Press, https://www.smh.com.au/technology/how-to-give-your-vinyl-records-an-extreme-clean-20181123-p50ht2.html


Peter S comments

Love your Vinyl Record Cleaning System; best system I've used in 40 years.

Preston, Australia


Stephen uses VRC on his 30+ Year Collection and New Additions 

VRC is a revelation.  If you love the sound of vinyl, VRC is for you.  I started using it on old records that were "stored" under Mum's house for 30+ years.  I now have several vintage LPs that sound as fresh or (given that I have better gear now than then!) perhaps even better than they did originally.  I now use it on all new vinyl I buy, even high-end 180gm/deluxe remasters.  You'd be surprised how much manufacturing debris comes off even quality pressings.  Before you even play the record, you can see the difference in the shine coming off the grooves.  Cannot recommend highly enough..

Stephen Wigney, Sydney, Australia 


Dan Evaluates a VRC Mini kit

I used RECORD RESTORE! on 6 records the other day! Was fantastic. Really gets the grit out.

Dan C, First Move Digital, Melbourne


Gregg Talks of His Conversion to VRC

Without doubt, "audibly" the best record cleaning system I have ever used, not only second hand records benefit from VRC, brand new remastered 180g vinyl sound is improved!

Gregg Jones, Facebook, Nov 2018


Andrew Enjoys the Benefits of His VRCS

I am enjoying my records at a new level again. Great cleaning system, really makes a difference to my favourite records.

Andrew Howden, Facebook, Nov 2018