Empirical Results of Cleaning Vinyl Records with VRC Restore!


The Vinyl Record Cleaning System offers results like no other. If your vinyl is important to you then the VRC Method is for you. Testimonials continue to confirm that RECORD RESTORE! achieves improvements over alternative methods and machines. We promise that your vinyl will sound better, possibly than you’ve ever heard it, after you have used our product. On this page, you can see the empirical results of using our product and read testimonials from happy customers.

The following sound files capture the opening bars of a late 1960s recording of Elgar’s Cello Concerto. Click each graphic to hear the recording before and after treatment. In these comparative traces of the Concerto before treatment with RECORD RESTORE!, the peaks clearly show the amount of foreign material in the record groove; the noise of the dirt makes this recording virtually unlistenable. A trace taken after cleaning with RECORD RESTORE! shows how much noise has been removed as confirmed by the almost total absence of spikes; click on the graphic to hear it. As is not uncommon on decades old recordings, there remained one or two stubborn pops especially on those that have not been played for some time. A second treatment was tried which successfully eliminated the last of the contaminants.

Elgar Cello Concerto before treatment
Elgar Cello Concerto after restoration with VRC

The following two sound files again demonstrate improvement achieved by VRC Restore! on a before-and-after basis.
In the third sound file the “after” sample has effectively been subtracted from the “before” sample leaving only the noise of the dirt and dust in the groove.

Piano in "Drifting", before VRC Restore!
"Drifting" after VRC Restore! treatment
Listen to just the dirt in the groove, all music removed

Spectral analysis of the first few seconds of playback before and after treatment with RECORD RESTORE! The graph is read left to right and shows the lead-in groove just prior to the opening notes. A careful study of the images shows the musical material looking brighter and stronger after removal of contaminants. The original musical material has effectively resurfaced as a result of the stylus sitting deeper in the groove and becoming more reactive. Audio transients and dynamic range have been restored contributing to a deeper sense of accuracy and realism. – Dave Askew, MediaDMA

A study of the before and after spectral analysis images shows that the musical material looks brighter and stronger after cleaning. This means the original musical material has resurfaced and comes as a result of the stylus sitting deeper in the groove and becoming more reactive. At the beginning of the notes there is much more intensity vertically confirming the restoration of audio transients and dynamic range contributing to a deeper sense of accuracy and realism. In the cleaned version, you can clearly hear the hammer of the piano striking the note, which is difficult to hear in the dirty version.

“I averaged the amount of noise over time, and took percentages of each recording. We ended up with an 11db increase in overall signal to noise ratio, which is around a 75% improvement in how it sounds to the logarithmic way that humans hear sound, and an 8db improvement to the peak noisefloor, which is over 50%. I stand behind my measurements and say with confidence that VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is a superior product that I would put my stamp of approval on, and entrust my entire vinyl collection to for years to come. While we can’t reverse the effects of aging, we can certainly control them, and VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is the only way I’d recommend to any audiophile.”

Dave Askew, MediaDMA, USA