Have Your Records and Turntable Professionally Cleaned and Restored


Too busy to clean records yourself? Use our premium record cleaning service. We will thoroughly restore your LPs by the VRC Method and return them to you sounding better than you’ve ever heard them.

Additional Services:

  • Removal of skips or repeats caused by physical damage
  • Warped records flattened
  • Turntable servicing and repair
  • New turntable setup and installation

The Vinyl Record Cleaning System, powered by RECORD RESTORE! vinyl record cleaning film, is completely effective at removing particulate matter and the sticky binding substances that bind the particles to the record.Older records demonstrate quite astonishing revival. Tests show an 11db increase in overall signal to noise ratio, which is around a 75% improvement in how it sounds to the logarithmic way that humans hear sound, and an 8db improvement to the peak noise floor.

It makes sense that vinyl record cleaning should be accompanied by a full turntable service, especially in circumstances where, like the records, both are now some decades old.  The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company's Turntable Whisperer service will correctly set up your rig, lubricate as required and replace worn components such as the drive belt and the stylus.

    Record Restoration
    • deep cleaning treatment with RECORD RESTORE! for high fidelity restoration;
    • static electricity elimination;
    • provision of a new anti static record sleeve for each LP
    • repairs to album covers (separating edges re-affixed)
    • a mini VRCS label will be applied to each record cover to confirm treatment
    • a courier service is employed to collect your records and return them. If you require packaging this can be provided to you
    Turntable Refurbishment
    • full service offering including lubrication, belt replacement, stylus and/or cartridge renewal or replacement
    • To the extent allowed by the turntable: VTA and SRA adjustment, tracking force, speed adjustment, overhang alignment...
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      Packaging is provided for your use. You may of course ask to make your own shipping arrangements and we will quote accordingly. Once you have received the packaging, which will include a work order form for you to identify the packed LPs, pack your records and a courier will be booked to collect them.The VRC Co’s standard practice is to return the cleaned records to you within ten days. Faster turnaround may be requested.


      Customer Testimonials

      Firstly, I must tell you that I have no commercial interest, financial or otherwise, in this product. Also, up until 5 weeks ago, I had never met the company’s principal, Stephen, nor indeed anyone associated with him and/or his company.
      My story is probably not dissimilar to many other people’s in my age bracket. I started buying LP’s in the late 1960’s (in UK) and continued doing so here through till about the mid/late 70’s. I then transitioned to tapes, and then to CD’s and latterly to streaming and recording in mp3, flac etc.I decided 5 months ago that I would ditch the CD’s but would resurrect the vinyl, which had not been touched for 35+ years! I bought a new deck and started playing them. The quality of playback was naturally variable. Some were beyond salvage with horrific scratches and gouges which were testament to party nights sadly long forgotten. Most others though were popping and crackling and had “hissing” and had foxing mould or damp spore type marks on them.I spent a lot of time researching products/methods which may “improve” my quality of play-back.
      Stephen’s VRC System stood out beyond the others to me. Firstly, just listen to his ‘before’ and ‘after’ clips on his web site. Secondly, his explanations about the pitfalls of some solutions for removing what he calls “slurry” and contaminants etc made very good sense to me.

      I took my first batch of 35 records to Stephen around 5 weeks ago. He demonstrated the restoration process and played me some music which, acoustically, was stunning. Four days later I was re-playing mine at home. The difference/transformation was (and still is) astounding, wondrous. I am no longer distracted by background sounds and crackles and interference…..I can listen properly to the music. I can enjoy it. I can concentrate on it and appreciate the tones/music/instruments. It is just remarkable. I chose not to buy the DIY product kit (yes…..I am a slothful man). Instead I have now made four visits to The Blue Mountains and have had about 90 or more LP’s treated. I could not be happier! Stephen (directly and via his web-site) has really educated me about vinyl. I now understand why, when at our first meeting I said “record cleaning”, that he recoiled a bit. His solution is vinyl restoration. I cannot speak too highly of the product he has developed. It just transforms the medium to a level where every nuance of the original recording/pressing is allowed through.


      David M, Sydney