Worthwhile Attending the Melbourne HiFi Show? Absolutely!

by Stephen Price on January 13, 2022

It’s been a good day!

 All the yesterday’s coatings removed without issues using the VRC kit items and on playing I was astounded with the results.

 On good condition discs the quietness during & between tracks was eerily excellent. The increased dynamic range was really noticeable, I was immediately WOW!

 I have a Dire Straits LP, Brothers In Arms…..in crap condition and almost unplayable, I feared for my stylus.  Now, whilst not perfect it is remarkably OK to play & enjoy. I have had this since original release and played almost to destruction on less than optimum players.  Also Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP, never liked this on my restored Thorens as a harsh vocal and guitar soundtrack just irritated me but now that’s all gone and I will be playing again………You’ve made this VRC process definitely worth the effort.

 My main interest is Jazz Fusion……WOW. Now I know why vinyl is making a resurgence and what good systems can do. Mine is modest but very pleasing, especially now with VRC. 

[Thorens TD-160 Mk11: Mission 774 LC: AT33E MC: Project Phono S2 w ZERO-ZONE Power Supply; Sansui AU-517 Fully Restored; JBL 4412 Studio Monitors]

 Another 20 discs coated today and I’ll order another 500 ml of VRC Restore! for the next lot.

 Good thing we chatted at the Melbourne HiFi show a year or so ago!!

 Kind Regards,

 Bruce R (Victoria, Australia)


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