Which ESP Is Best For You?

by First Move Digital Collaborator on May 20, 2020

Which ESP Is Best For You?

VRC Easy Spread n Peel (ESP) is a proprietary formulation designed to dissolve the cocktail of dust, dirt and binder substances found in a vinyl record cleaner groove and then completely remove them. This mix will include all manner of oils and fats, finger grease, mould and mould spores, particulate matter such as stylus dust (ie diamond dust) and airborne dust. ESP emulsifies and breaks down the binders which hold this soiling to the record. Once the binders are broken down the soiling is easily dissolved into solution.

It is important to note that a solution – or slurry – created in a record groove will include the fine dust residing at the base of the record groove where the stylus does not reach. When ESP dries it becomes a removable skin with the dissolved impurities trapped within. The removable skin and captured soiling is then peeled off for a 100% clean. At the same time, ESP creates a barrier to static electricity, the primary cause of noisy records.

Record collections are not homogenous as to age or degree of soiling which is why ESP is available in several formulations.


ESP Restore!

ESP Restore! is the premium, slower drying formulation designed to deliver a deep clean for LPs with particularly ingrained challenges including deep seated mould growths. These growths may cause mistracking – also caused by physical damage – when the stylus ‘skips’ or jumps from the groove. ESP Restore is the ideal choice for long stored record collections and for use on records of unknown provenance which have come into your collection.



ESP Revive!

ESP Revive! is designed to restore collections that have been regularly played and/or maintained. Like ESP Restore!, ESP Revive! is a primary record restoration treatment which also imparts an antistatic shield. ESP Revive! is therefore the recommended preparation for new records. ESP Revive! is also effective at removing production process residues such as mould release.



ESP Refresh!

ESP Refresh! formulation is designed for subsequent treatments of records that have previously been restored by ESP Restore! or ESP Revive!

Records accumulate contaminants simply as a consequence of being played (for example particles abraded from the stylus) and through exposure to air borne dust. ESP Refresh! offers a mild level of clean for records previously restored with ESP and that no longer have mould, fat binders etc present in the grooves. ESP Refresh! will also repair the anti-static shield.



ESP 78

The ESP 78 formulation is a specialist preparation for use on 78 RPM records (78s) and especially on the more fragile shellac recordings which comprise the bulk of early recordings. Note, care should be taken not to confuse ESP formulations as only ESP 78 with its distinctive blue colour may safely be applied to 78s. ESP 78 is safe to apply to modern, microgroove records (ie 33s) known as LPs or long play and also to 7” 45s.

Note: 78s should never be played with an LP cartridge. As the 78 groove is 2.5 times larger than the microgroove, the modern stylus will slip to the bottom of the 78 groove where debris has collected for many decades resulting in extraordinarily high surface noise. The poor fit is sufficient to allow the LP stylus to sway between the groove walls causing instant damage to the record and possibly the stylus as well.

ESP 78 may be applied to ten inch 78s with either the VRC System Kit or VRC Mini Kit and is available in 210ml bottles sufficient for twenty four, ten inch records. The VRC Stack Rack accommodates all size records and in any combination.



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