Peter Uses VRC to rejuvenate an old favourite

by Stephen Price on December 30, 2021

You might be interested to learn what happened when I used VRC Restore! a second time on an old favourite, ‘The Great Big Band Hits Of The 40s’ by Brian May and The ABC Showband, as this record had always had snap, crackle and pops that previous methods had not removed. Bear in mind this LP is 40 years old and I’d tried everything to improve it. After allowing Restore! to dry slowly the noise is gone, the depth of field has improved, channel separation has improved and the clarity is stunning. It’s a miracle!!”

Peter F, Adelaide

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by Peter F on January 13, 2022

Further to an earlier comment on my success with VRC Restore!

I bought a brand new record recently – it was a quality recording but it contained severe “pops”.

What to do – return it as a faulty pressing or apply VRC Restore!? Based on my previous VRC Restore! experiences it was a “no brainer”. One VRC Restore! application and it was a crystal clear recording.

This just goes to show that a combination of release agent and pressing residue can destroy the quality of a brand new record but, equally, VRC Restore! can fix it.

Just thought you might like to know.


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